Why use stainless steel screws when installing a deck?

A: You are building a quality deck with the best decking materials. Do you think rusty spots at each fastening location would look good? Also, stainless steel screws have no reaction with treated lumber as galvanized fasteners do which could cause them to rust out and fail to hold the deck down. You can learn more about stainless steel fasteners by visiting www.swansecure.com


Let me add a couple of other comments about stainless steel screws:

  • The difference in cost between stainless steel screws and other types of fasteners is no longer as large as it used to be and they are available in most lumber yards.
  • I love square-drive screws and battery operated screw-guns. The square-drive screws have a more secure grip. This translates time and material savings and a cleaner job.


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