Why are decks so popular? Or to ask this questions in another way, what makes a deck a "good deck"?

A: I am answering this questions while sitting on my deck. Now don't get me wrong, I have a very nice office and I really don't mind working from my office. But its a beautiful day today and my deck is located in a very nice part of the yard. There is a built in bench on this deck and a picnic table...

Here are a few more features that I have built into my decks:

  • French doors that "extend" the indoor space onto the deck. This feeling of extension works even in the winter-time when the indoor space just feels larger when one looks out onto the deck. We have also found that french doors allow us to easily move "indoor" tables and chairs out onto the deck for those larger parties.

  • Decks that are located near the kitchen. This allows the use of the deck as another dinning area and makes life easier for the cook (that me!). It also keeps me close to my family and friends during the cooking process.
  • If there are small kids in the family, it helps to have the deck located in proximity to the play area. The adults can play on the deck and can keep an eye on the kids.
  • Water, power, gas and lights are important features and should be planed as part of the overall design. Which reminds me, I need to add a GFCI protected electrical receptacle on my deck for my BBQ.
  • Boot brushes - we have lots of fir needles and some mud at the cabin. Boot brushes on the deck help keep the house clean.

    The best deck features are those that fit your lifestyle, your home and your yard.