Where Lead Might Be Found

Due to the relative ease of using lead, and due to it's relative abundance and low cost, lead was a very popular ingredient in many household and building products. The most common of these are:

Interior and Exterior Surfaces

  • Lead containing paint - very common in pre-1978 homes
  • Lead containing dust and soil - common in and around pre-1978 homes and industrial sites
  • Construction dust and debris from pre 1978 structures

Plumbing (from Latin 'plumbum', lead)

  • Lead water supply lines - rare in 20th century homes
  • Lead solder in copper supply lines - common in pre-1980 homes
  • Lead drain lines - very common but of little danger

Household Items

  • Pottery glazed with lead based glazing
  • Lead Crystal
  • Paint on surfaces of some toys, furniture and other items

Lead in the Home