When construction begins

When the remodel begins, it’s important that the workers install barriers to fully isolate the work area from the non-work areas of your home. It’s often a good idea to run a fan from the work area out a window to depressurize it relative to the rest of the house to reduce the possibility of air flow from the work area to the non-work area. It’s also important to take steps to protect and surfaces or materials that may be at risk from damage during the remodeling process.

The next step is to begin work by de-constructing any areas that need to be removed. This is different from the normal construction demolition process in that it usually involves taking things apart by hand for the purpose of optimizing the amount of materials that can be salvaged for reuse, or at least recycled. Many materials that are salvaged can be reused somewhere in your remodel. Other materials can be given or sold to others by taking them to a salvaged materials store, having a salvage sale, selling or giving them away through newspaper or internet listing, or simply putting them out on you curb with a free sign.

During the construction process its good to use as much materials as practical that are salvaged or have a high recycled fiber content. It’s important to choose materials that are long lasting and are easy to maintain. It’s good to avoid the use of tropical hardwoods and use wood that is certified as sustainable with the FSC label as much as possible. As much waste as practical from the remodeling process should be re-used or recycled.