What is a Spec. Home?

Most spec. homes are built by companies that use a variety of stock plans and relatively standard construction products. The purchaser who agrees to buy these homes prior to completion may have some limited choices regarding colors, styles of cabinetry, and some variation in the basic floor plan. The actual construction of such a home is usually performed by a series of subcontractors who are skilled and very efficient at performing standard building techniques.

As an example, the qualified spec. home electrical subcontractor will spend about half a day or so installing the electric wires and return a few weeks later to hang the light fixtures and hook up the appliances. Such an electrical system includes the latest safety features, more than adequate receptacles for this age of electronic gadgets, and the chance to get rid of all of those extension cords and multiple plug-in devices. It might even include TV and data cables. This type of an electrical system is safe, functional and trouble free and so are its counterpart plumbing, roofing...systems.

Spec. home systems like these are standard. That's what makes them affordable and reliable. Successful spec. builders have develop systems that allows them to build their products quickly and in ways that minimize callbacks and other problem. Time is money and service calls take money out of the bottom line.

Spec Homes