What to do When Things Go Wrong

Well planned constructions projects have a very low failure rate. But construction is a complicated process and problems will arise, so here are some steps to take whenever construction problems arise:

  • Don't wait! Act Now! If you think that there might be a problem take the appropriate steps to solve the situation ASAP.
  • Keep all communications lines open, stay calm and respectful. Assume that there is good will on all sides but insist upon a timely clarification and resolution of all problems.
  • Don't hesitate to bring in an expert: an inspector, a lawyer, an architect, or your loan officer. Spending a few $ to catch a problem early is relatively inexpensive.
  • Get all information and all agreements in writing. If the plans are inadequate, have some additional plans drawn up by a designer or architect. If the specification were inadequate, make sure that they are upgraded at this time.
  • Don't succumb to "construction speak". Construction is complicated and full of terms that most people don't know and don't need to know. But all residential construction can be explained is plain everyday language.
  • Use this opportunity to find out if there might be some other areas of misunderstanding or a lack of clarity (and make sure all is now in writing). For example: if the current problem is a window in the wrong location, this is a good time to take another detailed look at the plans and specifications.