What do Kitchens Cost?

Are we talking about: A new kitchen? A remodel? In an existing space? How big? Are you keeping some of the cabinets? Appliances? A $500 stove or a $5,000 stove...?

I have seen some very nice partial kitchen remodels which cost less than $10,000. Most full kitchens in an existing space cost a minimum of $20,000. And I have also seen kitchens in which the cabinet work alone cost $50,000+, and that didn't include the labor for installation, the counter tops...

The biggest difference between the $10,000 project and the much more expensive ones is in the hundreds of details which make up a kitchen:

  • the $40.00 faucet vs. the $400.00;
  • the re-use of the existing window vs. new and/or additional windows at a cost of many thousands of dollars;
  • the soap dispenser (about $19.00); and/or,
  • the boiling water dispenser (about $160.00 + labor).

The best place to save is in the planning process and in the careful selection of design and construction professionals.

Bon Apetit!

Kitchen Design