Waterproof Decks

When I drive up to a home with a waterproof deck I know that some very special attention will have to be payed to the parts of the house associated with that deck. Most roofing products are not intended for foot traffic and can be easily damaged by improper use. Over the last few years, a number of decking materials intended for foot traffic have been developed and successfully used to build decks that also act as a roof.

Waterproof decks require the very best construction practices and the most careful attention to detail. 'B+' grade work is all too likely to fail and cause damage to the structure of the property. Once a very good quality waterproof deck is installed, it requires a re-coating every 5-10 years.

The most commonly used product is a self-vulcanizing Hypalon, which is available in several brands and in several colors. This product, like most decking products, must be installed on new, high quality, untreated lumber -- most commonly, "A"-grade plywood. The installation of this material is not very forgiving. Careful attention to the installation instructions and details is mandatory. Once properly installed, it is long lasting, can be recoated with an identical product, and will withstand normal home use.

Other waterproof decking products are available on the market; many are specialty products installed by an authorized agent of the manufacturer.