Waterfront and Wildlife

Some of the natural attributes that make a piece of land particularly attractive for purchase and use are also likely to complicate the development of the property: Small Houses

  • Properties adjacent to the ocean, sound, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water may have special restrictions based on the Shoreline Management Act. For example, the building of bulkheads and piers, or dredging and filling, may be severely restricted even though other similar property owners may have built those types of structures in the past.
  • Areas that come under the protection of wetlands legislation are likely to have strict construction limitations. Please note: just because the land looks dry and there are no cattails or skunk cabbages growing there does not mean that it will not be considered by the local jurisdiction as a wetland.
  • Other site characteristics that are often restricted or regulated include land with steep slopes, lands with significant mining, mineral or forest resources, and areas with a history of seismic activity.
  • Special restrictions regarding the development, tree cutting and seasonal use may be in effect due to bird, fish and other wildlife protection legislation. For specific information, contact the applicable county's planning department and the Washington State Department of Ecology.