V. Find a Loan Officer that you like, respect and trust

Finding a good loan officer is a very important factor in your financing. Because buying or refinancing may be the most significant transaction you ever make, you really want to make sure that you are in good hands. You want the loan officer that you choose to perform the necessary function without making costly mistakes and also to provide you with the level of service you deserve. This is an extremely important transaction and you will be sharing some of your most confidential and personal information with your loan officer. Having someone you like working with makes you comfortable can make the entire process a lot less stressful. You also, want someone who you respect. You want to know that the person handling your loan is an expert in their field who is fully competent and capable of handling the transaction. You also want someone who is going to provide the highest level of customer service.

Trust is probably the most important factor involved in selecting a loan officer or mortgage professional to work with. A great way to find a loan officer that you can trust is through your referral network. If you can't find someone within your referral network, there are a variety of good loan professionals available that can help you with your home finance needs. You will just need to be a little more diligent when searching them out. When you approach a mortgage professional to help you with your financing, don't be afraid to probe them with questions. From the outset, you want to do your best to get a good feel for whether you would like working with them, that they have the experience level and commitment to customer service that you deserve and whether they have your best interest in mind.

Although, there are a variety of elements which will affect the overall outcome of the loan process, following the suggestions listed above will typically lead to a less stressful experience, will help to ensure the loan is completed more quickly and will allow for a much smoother closing overall.