Using Skylights with Mechanical Air Conditioning

Operable skylights can also save energy in homes with mechanical air conditioning. They can be used to keep the home cool and comfortable during shoulder seasons. Operable skylights and other passive cooling methods may not be adequate to cool a home in hot climates but they can be used to reduce energy consumption in all climates.

Passive cooling methods have been used all over the world for centuries to keep homes cooler. Today's quality skylights make that task easier.

and a note from a satisfied customer...

George -

Thank you so much for the suggestion of installing an operable skylights in our town home. They have absolutely saved us through the hot summer with the increased ventilation. With our tower of a house it really helps regulate the temperature. We end up having the bathroom skylight open almost all the time.

Thanks again for all the great advice! Shannon H

As any good cooling or heating system, the use of operable skylights to cool a home does require some design and planning. But when properly designed and installed, operable skylights can help keep your home cooler and save you a substantial amount of energy. - George

Operable Skylights