The Per-unit Cost of Remodeling is More Expensive Then New Construction!

When one installs a new window in a new construction then it is usually possible to control costs and save money. The rough opening for the window can be framed to measure. The window can often be ordered in advance and arrive at the construction site on time. The window can be installed after the the exterior sheathing and house-wrap have been installed but before the siding, drywall and trim.

When installing a new window into an existing home none of the above benefits are likely. The same is usually true for most other building components. On a per unit basis,remodeling tends to cost more than new construction. How much more? In my opinion at least 1.5 times more and more likely twice as much or even more.

None of this suggests that one should not remodel or that all remodels cost more than new construction. Quite the opposite, most remodels help save money, time and materials. But if most of a structure needs to be repaired or replaced then it may cost more to remodel then to build new.