Sump Pumps

Gravity drainage systems are preferable to sump pumps. However, sump pumps are the only solution when a home is located in an area where gravity drainage system can't work. The following should be kept in mind when a sump pump is required.

  • The water leading toward the sump must be filtered through gravel and drain tile in order to minimize the silting up of the system.
  • The sump must be located in the lowest spot of the basement or crawl space.
  • The sump pump must be installed on its own GFCI circuit breaker.
  • The water pumped out of the system must be drained into a storm drain or on site drainage system that prevents back flow toward any structure.
  • The sump pump must be maintained regularly - twice a year.
  • The sump and sump pump must be kept covered at all times.
  • Sump pumps can't be used to lower water tables.

Note: a sump pump is used for storm water, a sewer ejector is for waste water. See: Glossary