Steps To Restore Existing Decks

  • Remove soil and debris located within 6" of wood members and re-grade the soil to prevent future soil/wood contact.
  • Inspect the entire deck for any lumber damage from wood rot, insects or weather.
  • Any damaged lumber should be replaced. If possible, pressure-treated lumber should be used (it may not always match the look of the rest of the deck).

  • Next, a pressure washer should be used to get rid of the moss and debris caught between the deck boards. A pressure washer can damage wood if used improperly; special care must be taken with soft wood, like cedar.
  • During the wood preservative application process, soil and vegetation around the deck should be covered with plastic to prevent the wood preservative from destroying the vegetation.
  • The wood preservative can be applied with a brush or roller after careful review of the instructions that accompany the particular product.
  • In addition to treating or sealing decks, it may be necessary to remove moss and mold from deck surfaces. Full-strength liquid bleach will do that job quite well, as will some of the specialty products advertised for that purpose (most contain bleach). A more environmentally-sound solution is the use of the less toxic products designed for moss removal. Most lumber yards and garden stores stock a selection of moss removers.