Standard Features

The foundation, framing and overall structure in today's spec. homes are basic, simple, and trustworthy. Many spec. home builders have started to use floor systems which reduce squeaks. Most builders use roof truss systems, which not only increase the structural integrity of the roof system, but also make insulation easier. It also reduces the amount of lumber used in the truss system.

In spite of the original concern about the health effects of the new energy codes and the costs involved in the implementation of these codes, most observers agree that these new energy codes have made houses much more energy efficient. They have also increased the overall comfort, and maintained indoor air quality, all at a modest increase in building costs. Some side benefits to today's energy codes, include safer and more reliable furnaces, good venting, and an even distribution of heat.

Many of the interior surfaces are long lasting and easier to maintain. European style cabinets are not only clean-lined and modern in appearance, but they are also easy to clean and use. No-wax vinyl flooring, stain resistant carpeting, and single piece fiberglass, or plastic laminate tub and shower areas are all easy to maintain.

Standard twenty year fiberglass composition roofing and continuous aluminum gutters and down spouts reduce the need for roof and gutter maintenance. They tend to last well beyond the warranty period.

Supply lines today are usually in copper or plastic, with no lead solder used in the joints. Copper is (in my opinion) the better choice of the two, put plastic is less expensive and becoming an industry standard. Such supply lines are very long lasting, trouble free and safe. Plastic waste lines are equally trouble free and have the added advantage of reducing clogged drains. "Builder" basic faucets and other plumbing fixtures tend to work well and require little maintenance.

Spec Homes