Some Reasons Not to Replace Windows

There are also some good reasons not to replace your existing windows:

  • Don't replace your old windows just because this is going to save you money. Your new windows may save you some money in reduced heating or cooling costs but the amount you save will be relatively small.
  • Don't replace your old windows just because it will increase the value of your home. Having inspected thousand of homes, I have found very few (if any) home buyers how paid a lot of attention to the new windows in a home.
  • Don't replace your windows just because there is a "$500 discount" or some other sales promotion this week.
  • Don't replace old leaded glass or similar fine old windows that can be maintained or repaired. If you are fortunate enough to have some nice old windows that add character to your home, have them restored and if you like add storm windows to the outside. This will help you preserve the character of your home and while storm windows don't insulate as well as new windows, the difference is quite small.

Replacement Windows