Some Planning Guidelines

Keep in mind that:

  • The primary purpose for a construction or remodel should be the owner's use and enjoyment of the house.
  • Most individual construction projects and remodels will not "pay for themselves"; they will not increase the value of the property by an amount equal to that of the project's cost. Speculative construction and remodeling involves a great deal of skill, experience and risk and even professionals in the field loose money on individual projects.
  • As with all real estate considerations, the location of a property is paramount. Before building or remodeling re-evaluate your property in terms of important factors such as: the neighborhood, proximity to work and play, transportation, and even solar exposure.
  • Owners who plan to stay in a home for less than five years are usually better off restricting their work to repairs and simple cosmetic changes.
  • The best return on the cost of remodeling is usually achieved when a "substandard" house is converted into one that meets the norms of the neighborhood. The price of the most luxurious house in any area will usually suffer from the lower value of the neighboring houses.

Consult construction professionals for additional ideas, but keep in mind that this project is for YOU.

Continue to review your wish list from time to time to see if the decisions you are making feel comfortable and fit with your original ideas and your budget.

Keeping a notebook will help you to organize your thoughts: magazine clippings, color samples, reference phone numbers, photos and a record of the project, including receipts.