Some installation tips

I had intended to install my tankless heaters by myself but ran out of time. So my tanks were installed by my HVAC contractor. During this process I did read the installation instruction, observed the process and kibitzed with the installers. Here are a few tips:

    1. As always, read the instructions carefully! The instruction are shipped with the heater or can be found on line. For example:
    2. Assume that the installation practices for tankless units are different than those for tank type units.
    3. Locate the tankless heater in accordance with your needs and the installation requirements. For Example:
        -a place where venting, combustion air, fuel and plumbing systems will be easiest install, -a location closest to your major hot water usage points, -an area with the required clearance to combustible surfaces and other appliances (see your installation manual).
    4. Make sure that you get a unit that is rated for the type of gas at your home - LP or natural gas.
    5. Some tankless units can by used for potable water as well as radiant heat. Others are not designed for such dual use.
    6. You are working with gas, electricity and combustion air. Respect these factors.
    7. This job requires some real skills in gas and water plumbing and venting.
    8. Most units require a 3/4" gas supply. This includes the main pipe and the flexible pipe at the unit.
      a 3/4" gas connection

    9. Most units require stainless flues.
      A stainless steel side-wall vent

    10. Most units require an outside combustion air source.
    11. One of the main gas combustion by-products is water vapor and most of these units require a condensate drain line to dispose of this excess water vapor.
      A condensate drain

And no matter if you are going to install a tankless heater or are working on some other project, please use good tools. Buy them, borrow them or rent them but please use the right tools for the job. The wrong tools and poor quality tools are often dangerous and will prevent you from completed the job in a workmanlike manner.