Some considerations and limitations

Cost: tankless water heaters cost more to purchase than the tank-type models and are a bit more complicated to install. This extra cost is likely to be offset by the lower cost to heat the water in your home.

  • Tankless systems are more complicated than tank type water heaters. They are also newer to the US market and there are not as many plumbers who have a lot of installation experience with these systems. The good news here is that I have found the online and phone support from Bosch and others to be very good!
  • Best time to install: tankless models require somewhat different installation practices than the tank type models. For example, most units require a 3/4" gas line and a condensate drain line. So its best to install such units in new homes. Installing them in existing homes may require some modifications.
  • You may find that it takes a bit longer for the hot water to reach the faucet. This may result in a limited amount of extra water usage. You may use a bit more water but are likely to save energy.
  • People may take longer showers because the supply of hot water is endless. But you may notice that it is a little trickier to adjust the shower valves for the even desired temperature.