Solar Heating Was a Failed Experiment

This one gets me mad! Passive solar Solar Heating and cooling can work in almost any climate and on most lots. It can and does keep many homes warmer during the cold months of the year and cooler during warm periods. In extreme climates it can reduce heating and cooling energy costs and in moderate climates it can eliminate the need for air-conditioning and dramatically reduce heating-fuel consumption.

Passive heating and cooling systems are not a 100% solution but they can easily be a 50% solutions. And if we could reduce our heating and cooling fuel use by 50% we could save a lot of $$$ and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. And as long as we are on that subject, we have two cars in the family, a hybrid and a turbo diesel wagon. Both can carry 4-5 people and a bunch of luggage. They both do very well on the roads. The diesel can fueled with bio-diesel. And both cars get 42+ MPG.

And as for photovoltaics - the production of electricity from sun-light, just take a look at what the big retailers are doing. I may even have to change my dislike for Walmart. They seem to be moving to the forefront of the industry in this area and will show some dramatic energy savings.

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