The least expensive and most versatile shading system is an exterior roll up shade such as a bamboo shade mounted under the eve of the house.

In condominiums, permission from the condominium home owners association may be required to mount an exterior shading system. Where exterior shades are not possible, an interior shading system is an alternative but second best choice.

exterior shutters

Windows in Venice and in most other parts of the Mediterranean have exterior shutters. Its part of the local "air-conditioning" system.

The building in back (top right side) has adjustable canvas awnings. The stores and some of the windows have roller shutters, used for shading and security. The most traditional style can be seen at the windows in the center - louvered shutters.

(Note the local window delivery system.)

On South facing windows, large overhangs, trellises, awnings and similar devices work well to block the high sun angles in the Southern sky. Shades are required to block the low morning sun angels on west and east facing windows. Retractable systems will also allow for some solar gain in the winter time, and additional light when desired.

The important factor to keep in mind is that sunlight is converted to heat energy when it strikes the glass (and other objects). Exterior shades and awnings work best because such systems block the sunlight before it's conversion to heat.

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