Selecting Window Styles

Using the Existing Window Frames

A fast and less expensive way to replace old windows is to re-use the outer frame and trim of the existing windows. When this is done, the old glass and sashed are removed and the replacement window is installed in the location of the sashes.

If the existing frames are re-used they should be carefully inspected to make sure that they are in good condition and can last for the life or you new sashes. One area of frequent damage is the exterior windows sill. Small defects can be repaired but some of the damage, especially some wood damage, can be hard to spot.

Keeping the existing interior and exterior window trim can also save money and help maintain the style of a home.

Sash Options and Hardware

The way a window opens, or not, will determine its use, the look of the house and the way it is decorated. For example, a casement unit may allow for a maximum operable space but may complicate exterior shades. The double hung window can provide venting at the bottom and top and simplifies interior and exterior window treatments.

Lever handles or cranks maybe a good choice to make windows operation easier. Polls or even electric controls make high vents a practical option for summer venting.

Replacement windows can be a great way to improve a home but some planing is required in order to determine if such a project makes sense and if so, which options are the best for your home.

Replacement Windows