Roofing Maintenance Tips

There are some very good roofing products on the market. Some of the better ones should last 40+ years. But even the very best roofs will require some maintenance.

Here are some basic roofing maintenance tips:

As a general rule: when you have the urge to climb on the roof, have a cup of tea and wait until the urge passes.">

  • Many roofs are damaged by people who don't know how to "walk" on a roof.
  • Falling off a roof (or ladder) is not much fun.
  • "Flat" roofs need more frequent and regular inspections and cleaning than do sloped roofs.
  • Roofing materials are not designed to be used as decks - one "4th of July rooftop fireworks viewing party" can destroy most roofing surfaces.
  • Remove any tree limbs which overhang the roof and gutters.
  • Most roofing surfaces should not be pressure washed.
  • Start treating your roofing with a moss control agent as soon as the moss starts growing. In wet climates, and northern facing roof surfaces this moss can start to develop after one or two wet seasons.
  • Take a good look at your roof at least once a year. This can often be done with a set of binoculars from a safe/nearby location. Look for missing roofing material, loose flashing, debris and similar signs of damage.
  • Most roof leaks can be repaired and don't require the immediate replacement of the roof. If a new roof is required, take the time to get a good set of bids.

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