A Roof, A Roof, My Kingdom For A Roof

Our eclectic building styles provide examples of most of the world's roofing materials and applications. Victoria's B.C.'s homes have thatch. Sod roofs can be found on some innovative, energy-efficient homes, slate is often found on the east coast, and even the yurt is making a comeback. Most people, though, would be satisfied with one of the more conventional choices...as long as the roof didn't cost a king's ransom, required no maintenance, and lasted forever.

All of that may not be possible, but many good roofing choices are available. Cost alone will not determine quality, and that is good news, because roof replacement is one of the more expensive aspects of the typical home's construction and maintenance program. Yet, with careful selection of materials, qualified contractors, proper installation practices and modest maintenance, roof replacement can result in a properly functioning roof for 20 to 50 or more years.

The Sound Roof