This Remodel Will Pay For Itself

There are some folks out there who make their living as speculative remodelers. They are very careful in which houses they buy, and what exactly will be worth doing to those structures. But speculative remodeling is not for the amateur or the faint hearted.

Most remodeling projects don't increase the value of a house by an amount equal to the cost of the work. The primary reason to remodel a house is for your own use and pleasure.

See: A Building and Remodeling Checklist.

And what should you do in preparation for the sale of the house:

    1. Concentrate on low cost and "elbow grease" items. Keep in mind that every dollar spent on preparing the home for sale must result in more than one dollar in sale price.
    2. Remove all junk from the property - even that stuff that has been stored in attics and crawl spaces.
    3. Reduce the amount of furniture and other stored material from the home. The house will look larger...
    4. Clean up the home and yard.
    5. Use paint and other inexpensive methods to brighten up the home.
    6. Don't make too many assumptions about what will make the home more appealing to buyers.