Rehabilitating a "Major Fixer"

There are some situations when it makes sense to undertake the rehabilitating a seriously deteriorated structure. One example is in a situation when taking on such a major project is one of the only ways to enter the housing market.

Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Make sure that your have a good understanding of the scope of the work. Hire experts to help you evaluate the whole project and don't allow emotions to cloud your decisions.
  • Planing out the details for such a project is an essential step in the process. Such projects are complex and planing will save time and $$$. Because of inadequate evaluation and planing, too many projects of this type never get finished.
  • If you plan to "camp" in the home during any part of the construction, make sure that the house is safe. For example, make sure that the electrical and heating systems are safe.
  • These types of project tend to be time and energy consuming. If this is that type of project that you think will be personally rewarding then it might be a project for you. If not...
  • These types of projects require many skills. You may have some of these skills but will likely have to learn many others.