Rain-Screens, An Extra Level of Protection!

January 2001

I have just reviewed an advance copy of the March 2001 Fine Homebuilding (#137). On page 86 is an article called: Rain-Screen Walls: a Better Way to Install Siding by Mark Averill Snyder with some side bars by Joe Lstiburek.

This is an excellent article with some equally fine illustrations and a 'must read' for anyone installing siding and/or experiencing siding problems.

Not all houses require a rain-screen installation, many are doing just fine without. The problem is in predicting which house would benefit from such a systems. And so, the investment in a better siding installation system appears to me to be worth the extra cost. - George

p.s. I find some of Joe's comments a bit strident, but his overall ideas are right on target.

October 2004