Problems Facing Electrical Systems Today

The relatively new home, or the one with an updated electrical system, will allow for safe and reliable use of the latest electric "toys". But, houses built under older codes often suffer from outdated electrical systems not designed for today's uses.

These older systems typically have a fuse box with a 60 or 100 amp capacity, and individual circuit wires insulated with ceramic tubes and spindle-like knobs ("tube and knob wiring". These systems were designed primarily to be used for simple lighting circuits. The assumption was that most rooms would have a single overhead light and possibly one floor lamp. Such a wiring system, if well maintained, will continue to serve for its original purpose--namely lighting. But the designer of this system could not envision the proliferation of electric appliances.

Our microwaves, video recorders and other electronic toys are items that, in combination, can often cause an overload. In addition, the old wiring systems were not designed to accommodate the many portable heaters on the market today.

Electrical Systems