Preliminary Designs and Schematics

The preliminary design and schematics are basic drawings without a lot of construction detail. These plans focus on spatial relationships. They will help you visualize how the project might look and may identify some of the early problems. For example: does the proposed new staircase interfere with other portions of the house? Is there enough head room in the existing attic to convert it into a master suite?

The preliminary design should be used to review the project with the local building authorities and to further refine the budget and timetable.

Drawings are 2 dimensional representations of 3 dimensional objects. Not many of us, and that includes some construction professionals, can visualize what a physical space will look like from a drawing or blueprint. Luckily there are some computer software programs on the market which allow for a 3 dimensional view of a project. Some even allow you to 'walk through' the project.