Plan For Yourself, Not For Others!

Your plans and use are the primary reason to remodel a kitchen and to do something about the cabinets. While it is indisputably true that a fine new kitchen will help sell a home, the real question is if the cost of a new kitchen will net you a better price for the house.

In my opinion, a project as large as a kitchen remodel should be restricted to homes that you plan to occupy for 5 or more years. That way you will benefit from the remodel, and if you are lucky, the price of the home will also have increased by more than the cost of the remodel. If your plans to sell the house are shorter, then consider some minor repairs, paint and "elbow grease".

So if the cabinets are not functional for you, ask yourself why? For example:

  • The counter-tops are too low (or high),
  • There is not enough storage space or the storage space doesn't work (all the stuff you are looking for is at the back of the drawers or in back of some other unreachable space).
  • You would like to have a dishwasher but these are old and narrow cabinets and dishwashers are made for deeper ones.
  • There are too few counter-top areas, they are full of microwave ovens and other appliances and there is not enough room for the cook(s) who use the kitchen.
  • The work area is spread too far apart and you have to run around too much, or the converse, there is no space next to the stove for your work.
  • You think that the cabinets are ugly.