Pex Pipe

Pex Pipe
Pex or "crosslinked polyethylene pipe" is a relatively newer product on the market. It has been in use for over 10 years and is establishing itself as an industry standard.

Lower cost and ease of installation are only some of the reason's for its popularity. Pex lends itself to the distribution of water supply be means of a manifold. This means that the water supply for any faucet or room can be controlled at a nearby location and not only at a main valve.

Pex installation requires few tools and is arguably the easiest water supply system to install. With such ease of installation comes a tendency by some amateurs to be sloppy - not a good idea! Pex Pipe

A Pex pipe manifold with several hot and cold lines going to different areas of the house. Courtesy of our sponsor

Pex pipe can also be used for radiant heating systems.

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