Permits Are Expensive and Hard To Get

This is true some of the time. Some complicated project permits may take years and cost thousands of dollars, others will never receive a permit. For example:

  • construction in a sensitive area (hillsides, wetlands)
  • complex structures
  • zoning variances
  • construction in understaffed, unorganized, and/or developing areas

However, in most cases getting a new construction or remodeling permit is not a major problem. Proper Planning usually allows for the permit Application Process to proceed along with the design, planing and bidding process. The costs of permits can be quite high in areas where a development tax/fee is added to a new construction application (these are intended to pay for the new services required by the new construction - roads schools etc.). In remodeling, the permit fees are usually less than 1% of the project cost. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits are usually available on the day of application.