In the Pacific Northwest; Tradition = Cedar

The Native Americans used it, so did the pioneers. Today, many builders who want to show their prospective customers that they are building a better quality home will often choose cedar shakes. (Wood shingles are rarely used for roofing in residential construction today). Cedar, as a roofing material, has a long tradition of quality. It also has the look of better quality homes. However, it may be the wrong roof for your house.

In the "good old days" (oh, say pre-1950) there were two basic choices for roofing. If you had the money and wanted a "good roof," you chose cedar; most likely a cedar shingle.

If you didn't have so much money, then you chose that "new stuff" (composition roofing). The roofer would have told you that the cedar would last 30+ years and that "you might get 15 out of the composition". Today, the opposite is most often true!

Things change and decisions become more complicated, and cedar as a roofing material is no longer the automatic choice for a quality roofing material. In my opinion, it's the wrong choice!

Cedar Roofs