Our Clients's Experiences

At the Home Owners Club (HOC), we help our members find qualified contractors for a wide variety of home-improvement projects. Typically, when our members call, they're in search of a single contractor - a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, etc. Occasionally, however, we get calls from members with large remodeling projects, and they want bids from a variety of specialty contractors.

Usually this is done to save the money a general contractor would charge. However, most homeowners don't realize that doing this puts them in the role of general contractor, and they must assume all the accompanying risks and responsibilities.

For example, a member of the Club recently accepted bids from a variety of HOC-authorized specialty contractors. He planned to manage the work and even tackle some tasks himself. But he never dreamed there would be so many things to coordinate, decide and do.

The positioning of the electrical outlets? He just assumed there was a standard depth and never even thought to check with the painter and tile-setter until it was too late.

The vent for his new range hood? He figured whoever installed the fan would run the ductwork for it, as well.

Workspace conflicts? He thought the plumber and carpenter would be willing to work together in the same area.

In the end, the money he saved by not hiring a general contractor was far surpassed by all the extra charges incurred by these and other oversights.

Before attempting to manage your own remodeling project, you should really understand all that will be required. The following list is far from complete, but it does provide an overview of the general contractor's typical responsibilities.