Operable Skylights Can Cool Your Home and Save You $$

Good quality operable skylights are one of the best ways to keep homes cool. They allow warm air to escape from high ceiling locations and that in turn pulls cooler air from shaded and cool areas into the house. Such convection action works like a fan but better.

Operable Skylights do not:

  • require a motor to move the air - some use a small motor to open and close the skylight,
  • use electricity to move the air, or
  • make noise,

They can add light to a dark area of the house, and most homes can be retrofitted with an operable skylight for less cost than an air conditioning unit for a single room.

I have them in my home. I use them all the time. I love them and I love to recommend them to people whose homes need cooling systems.

Velux ... and help keep your home cool!

Operable Skylights