Oil Heat

With the oil crisis in the 1970's, the reputation of oil heat declined and common wisdom suggests that oil heat is among the more expensive methods of heating a house. Such an assumption may or may not be true. The advisability of using oil heat depends on the particular conditions of the home, the availability of other fuels, such as propane or natural gas, and the cost of converting the existing oil heating system into a new fuel source. Modern oil furnaces with flame retention burners can be a safe, effective, and efficient alternative to other fuel sources. Annual professional maintenance, automatic oil fill-up service, and oil tank insurance is recommended for all homes with oil heat.

One good reason to avoid oil heat is the use of underground oil storage tanks. All too many underground tanks and associated pipes leak and contaminate soil and ground water. Cleanup/mitigation can be very expensive! Above ground tanks maybe ugly, but they allow for much easier monitoring for leaks. Tank insurance that includes cleanup insurance is always a good idea. See the topic page on href="article/underground-oil-tanks">Underground Oil Tanks.

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