Not a Custom Home

The spec. home, whose construction consists of well tested custom practices, should not be confused with the custom home. The trades involved in the construction of a custom home are accustomed to dealing with exceptions and innovations. The plans for a custom home are likely to cost ten to twenty times more than those of stock plans. The buyer who needs a unique design may be poorly served by the spec. home and its builders.

If we compare the electrical work done on the custom home versus that of the spec. home, we will find that the electrician will spend several days in wiring, and several more in trimming out the electrical system. In the spec. home, the locations of receptacles and switches are standard, and every switch and receptacle may be marked on the blueprints. Specialty products, some never before installed by the electrician, take extra time to install and test.

Unlike the custom home, the spec. home will not have photo-electrically controlled greenhouse window shades or $3,000 track lights. Conversely, it will have components that have been market tested by the hundreds of thousands, and were selected by the builder and the subcontractor to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the possibility of a callback.

Spec Homes