Moisture Related Drywall Repair

Denby Barnett of Custom Drywall is an expert in drywall installation and repair work. Here are some of his suggestions:

1. Be Careful! Moisture damaged drywall may contain some harmful mold organisms. When in doubt, have stains tested by a qualified lab. And even if the drywall is dry and clean, wear dust masks. Dust is not good for you even if it doesn't contain Stachybotrys

2. After removing the damage drywall it will be necessary to test and look for any damage to the insulation and framing inside the wall.

3. Before installing new drywall, make sure that all surfaces are dry.

4. Consider using paperless drywall in potentially moist areas. Its the paper on the drywall surfaces that provides the "food" for the mold organisms.

Moisture Problems