Location, Location and Location

Peter Seegar sang a song about the spec. homes of Daly City, California. It was called "Little Boxes" and it made fun of the ticky tacky little houses of many different colors that were all the same... But the last laugh went to those lucky folks who had to endure the fun made of their homes. Today they own some very expensive property that is located about half way between San Francisco and Silicone Valley. They bought homes in the right place and thereby confirmed the 3 most important factors in selecting real estate: (1) locations, (2) location and (3) location.

The home purchased can be "ticky tacky" or a designers dream, but in the long run, the home's location may be the most critical factor. Proximity to desirable areas, transportation, schools, flood plains, and various environmental conditions are a few of the critical factors that must be considered in purchasing the land that comes with the spec. home.

Spec Homes