Its a Big Job!

Purchasing or selling a home or a property is a big job. It is often one of life's biggest transactions. Owning property can be one of the best investments that you will ever make, it can also be one of the worst. Real estate is a non-liquid asset, in other words, you can't always sell the property quickly or for the desired price.

All of this and other factors dictate that the purchase and sale of real estate is a very big job. This job requires time, effort and money. When professional buy or sell commercial property they go through a "due diligence" process. That is, they follow a set of rigorous procedures that help them analyze the property. Residential property purchase requires a similar process and it is here that most of the mistakes are made.

As a home inspector I believe in the value of a good home inspection. But that is not enough. A thorough real-estate purchase and sale process also requires that many other aspects of the transaction be investigated.

Its a very big job. Take the time you need. Make the required effort. And spend the money to do it right. Learn what you need to know now, it maybe too late after closing the transaction.

If all of this sounds daunting, remember that millions of people have been successful. There are lots of resources to help you to do the job right.