I. Check your credit several months before obtaining financing

Checking your credit regularly is the best way to ensure that you can deal with any unexpected issues that may show up on your credit report. If you know that you are going to be obtaining mortgage financing ahead of time, you will be able to identify any unexpected issues by reviewing your credit several months in advance. If your credit report does present issues that adversely affect your credit rating, you will have a significant window of time to deal with these issues. There is often a stigma associated with having your credit pulled. This is based on the fact that having your credit re-pulled repeatedly over a short period of time can lower your scores. However, this has a relatively negligible affect compared to other factors used in credit scoring and usually only lowers the scores for a period of couple of months. In general, if you pull your credit several times within a short period of time this should be considered as a single inquiry and thus will have a very limited impact on your score (for more information go to www.myfico.com). If you can maintain a positive credit rating you will find that you can often qualify with less documentation while obtaining more favorable rate pricing on your loan.