Home Owner Association Responsibilites

The responsibilities of the Home Owners' Association (HOA) depend upon the by-laws of the complex. The variation in these responsibilities is great. For example, in a complex with detached single family residences the HOA's responsibilities might be limited to the maintenance of the private streets and sidewalks, while in other's private decks might also be an HOA responsibility.

As such, a good reserve study must start with a thorough understanding of HOA vs. individual owner responsibilities. In my opinion, it should also include some planing for maintenance and replacement work related to individual responsibility items that may have a common impact. If for example the trees are private but the roofs are common then tree limbs can harm the roofing. And if the decks are private (not classified as limited use common areas) but the deck structure is part of the framing then wood rot at the decks can damage the structures.