A healthy home during the construction

During the construction process there’s a number of steps that are particularly important to ensuring a healthy home. After each new finish is applied (such as paint or a flooring finish) its important to vent out the house for a few days. The off gassing for each of these steps is most significant just after their application. Venting out the house helps move the off gassing to outside and prevent a secondary off gassing from the same materials. Additionally it’s important that combustion heaters are not used as temporarily heaters while work is being done. Its important to have a good quality CO detector installed in your home if you have any combustion devices.

It’s helpful that the jobsite be kept clean during the project. At the end of construction the furnace and ducts should be thoroughly cleaned by a quality company that specializes in that. Additional, the work area should be thoroughly cleaned and aired at the end of the job.