Guidelines for the Do-It-Yourself Electrician

Many homeowners like to do their own electrical work. Unfortunately, much of the electrical work done by nonprofessionals does not meet the electrical code and is dangerous. Poorly installed panels and wiring can cause home fires.

The homeowner who decides to do his or her own electrical work should keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • An unlicensed electrician may only work on his or her own residence.
  • Most modifications to electrical systems require an electrical permit. Permits may be obtained from your local building department, or from the state Department of Labor and Industries.
  • The home electrical system is the most complex and potentially dangerous system in the home. The untrained individual is best advised to hire a licensed electrician.
  • However, if you decide to do your own electrical work, there are good books and manuals from the Sound Home Bookstore that explain the current electrical code and techniques for residential wiring.

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