Good Data = A Thorough Inspections

A thorough inspection is the only reliable way to collect the data required for a reserve study. This is particularly true when one considers the many condominium complexes that have been plagued by siding problems and other exterior envelope issues. All too often these types of issues are identified too late and only after the damage to the structure has been extensive and easily visible. Finding early signs of exterior envelope failure often required extensive training and experience, i.e. an inspection by a qualified expert. In new construction such an inspection is required in order to determine if the exterior envelope was designed and installed in a reliable manner. And in existing buildings the inspection must also determine if the building has been properly maintained or if there are any signs of problems.

Such an inspection must include:

  • The exterior envelope of the building,
  • All common areas,
  • All "limited use" common areas such as decks, and
  • The interiors of the units.

The inspection of the interiors of the units must be inspected for signs of problems that originate at the exterior envelope, e.g. windows or which may be the causes of damage to the buidling, e.g. interior moisture sources.