George's Tips!


  • To reduce the likelihood of damage and the amount of leaves and other debris which clog the gutters and downspouts, be sure that tree limbs and other vegetation are kept away from the roofs, gutters, and downspouts. But when you do prune your trees, make sure that you don't damage the trees and aggravate the problem. To find out how to prune trees, take a look at The National Arbor Day Foundation site.
  • An additional way to reduce the moisture in basements and crawl spaces is to ensure a good slope away from the house for all soil, patios, and walkways. It is also important to maintain a separation of a minimum of four to six inches between the top of the soil around the house and the lowest row of siding. This prevents the likelihood of water entry into the basement or crawl space, and reduces the possibility of wood rot in the siding, sheathing, and framing of the house.