Energy and Water

Probably the greatest environmental impact your home has over the long term has to do with how much energy it consumes. To reduce its energy consumption and reduce your homes life-cycle cost its helpful to: • Insulate all walls, attic & floors over unheated space as much as possible • Install highly energy efficient windows & exterior doors • Make your home’s shell as air tight as possible to save energy and improve comfort. With a relatively air-tight home it’s important to have a good whole house ventilation system. • If practical, optimize passive solar collection and consider install a solar hot water collector and/or photovoltaic collector • Use day-lighting and compact florescent lighting as possible • Use only highly efficient “Energy Star” appliances

Reducing water consumption is also beneficial. This can be accomplished by having a very low-water landscaping; collecting rainwater for reuse; having flow restrictors on faucets & shower heads; low flush toilets; and by having a horizontal axis washing machine.