Elements of a Good Electrical System

The electrical system that will accommodate most of today's electric appliances is usually characterized by the following:

  • A single, 125 amp or larger electrical panel with circuit breakers. A label on the inside of the panel will indicate the amperage capacity.
  • Electrical receptacles for three-pronged plugs.
  • Receptacles placed within six feet along wall surfaces.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFI) protecting receptacles in the bathroom and, in the newest homes, in the kitchen and out-of-doors. The presence of an interrupter may be indicated by the presence of two small test/reset buttons on the three-pronged receptacles.
  • Arc Fault Interrupters (AFIs) are the latest safety device and help prevent electrical fires. The latest electrical codes require their use in bedroom circuits.
  • Wiring neatly done. All connections inside a plastic or metal electrical box. All electrical boxes have a proper cover.

However, a little knowledge can be dangerous: just because the receptacle is of the newer 3 pronged variety does not mean that it was wired correctly, the same can be true about the GFIs and AFIs.

Electrical Systems