Drainage and Your Environment

Good drainage systems are critical for your environment:

  • Poor drainage is the primary cause of wet basements and crawl spaces.
  • Forested land has very few drainage problems: trees and forest floors absorb rain and allow much of the rain to re-evaporate into the air. The water that does flow into the streams does so very slowly. So, forests and forest like landscaping practices promote good drainage.
  • Buildings, roads, driveways, compacted earth, and even lawns cause water to run off quickly and require quality drainage systems. The best construction and man made drainage systems have the drainage characteristics of forests.
  • Wet basements and crawl spaces cause high moisture levels in the home. These high moisture levels damage wood (wood rot and insect damage) and other building materials. So, by keeping basement and crawl spaces dry, houses can last much longer and thus fewer trees will be cut down for home repairs and replacements.
  • Trees should be planted so that they will not interfere with the house. Trees that are planted too close to the house cause gutter problems and more moss growth on the roof. So, properly planted trees can live longer, will require less pruning and will not interfere with you roof drainage system (and that will help keep your basement and crawl space dryer).

So here is a chance to help the environment, reduce runoff and sewer overflows, keep your downhill neighbors happier, while at the same time reducing moisture problems in your own home.