Did My House Pass the Inspection?

Home inspections do not result in passing or failing grades. The inspection report is an analysis of the condition of the various systems in the house. It is the customer of the inspection who determines whether the inspection results are satisfactory. An inspection report indicating that the roof of a structure needs immediate replacement may be an acceptable finding to the customer who expects to do some rehabilitation to the structure. The same report can result in significant concerns to the customer who expected few (if any) short-term major maintenance requirements.

Very few inspection reports result in a completely clean bill of health. There are always a few maintenance items that will need attention or repair in the near future. Experience at Sound Home Inspections and other data available suggest that the average home requires 1-2% of the value of the structure in annual maintenance and repair costs. Most inspection findings show a need for 2-4 years worth of normal annual repairs, or 2-8% of the value of the structure.

The most common items found to require repair, or maintenance include the following:

  • Wood rot, as a result of moisture and soil-wood contact in areas such as decks, foundations and porches.
  • Roofs and roof venting systems, including flashing and deteriorating chimneys.
  • Tub and shower walls, as well as, bathroom floors.
  • Furnaces that have not been serviced or cleaned in several years.
  • Outdated electrical systems and unsafe electrical wiring.
  • Gutters, downspouts and improper downspout drains.
  • Asbestos containing material, especially in homes built or remodeled prior to 1978.